Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well it's definatley been a while...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
I've been slacking, big time on this blog, but life has been a little insane, and now, with the major holidays coming and going i'm finally having more free time to do what I want.
I have no recipes to share with you today, since I haven't been "real" cooking in awhile. With Paul's mom sick and stuff, it's been bagged dinners, (i know so gross).
Once the New Year starts it should be more cooking for me again.
I did want to share my awesome Christmas gifts though. Hubby did good, and turned the second bedroom into my scrapbooking studio. Oh yes!! :) 2 products i feel like i need to tell everyone about are these
Clip It Up-this can really organzing ANYTHING you do, not just scrapbooking. i've seen it for quilting squares, ribbon, stamps and ink, etc.

Xyron Personal Cutting System-cheaper than the cricuit and does the same thing!

the addition books are only 30-40 dollars instead of 100 bucks per cartidge. and the machine i actually saw in Big Lots the other day for 95 bucks, instead of the cricuit's over $200 price tag.

I love both of them so much already. i can't wait to have the entire room set up and ready to go.

My mom also pulled through and got me my first sewing machine.
Singer Simple-perfect for a noivce

I'm not sure why i wanted one so bad, but i jst feel like i needed to learn how to do it myself instead of asking her all the time.

My first project-curtains for the living room, and matching pillows.

I hope this entry finds everyone safe, healthy and happy!

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