Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year, A Few New Resolutions!

I can't even believe its 2011. How did that even happen?? Where the hell did 2010 go??
Regardless of how quickly it got here, it's time to make those new promises for the new year.
This year, I've kept them pretty simple.
1. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Vegetables I have always been pretty good about, but towards the end of the year we slacked big time on this. We are a fan of starches. We can't help it.
2. Eat more healthy. We've always been pretty good about this, but lately, we've been on a bacon mac-n-cheese kick, and that needs to stop, STAT.
3. Use my sewing machine. I've owned it for 3 years now, and have to yet to use it. It's pretty embrassing. My husband took his pants to be hemmed to my mother. *hangs head in shame* I want to finish at least one sewing/fabric craft a month for the entire year. I was going to start with a camera strap cover for my D60, but hubby decided to slip an entire glass of soda on our cream color dining room chair seats, so needless to say, that's up first!
4. Blog more. I enjoy blogging, but i go on a kick and then stop. This blog needs to be more than just cookies damnit!

What are your resolutions? Does anyone even read this?


Stephanie said...

Looks like we have # 1 and #3 the same.

I def want to try and limit myself to as much preservatives as possible. It's everywhere! sliced breads, cold cuts, veggies. I prob buy 50% no preservatives, but I'm going to try and shop around better for healthier choices.

Stephanie said...

p.s. when i get married. I want to do a blog as well ;-)... right now I'm not really cooking.

Housewife In Training said...

why when you get married? you should do it now!! The last final stages from fiance to wife is pretty awesome...and you could blog about your wedding plans and stuff. DO IT! and come up with a fun name, k?