Sunday, March 20, 2011

I love kitchen gadgets

While I prepare myself for the cupcake challenge, I of course had to look up some gizmos and gadgets. Luckily, I had a birthday this week (never thought I would say that) and got an amazon giftcard from my brother (thanks Steve!). Off on my search I went.

I knew I need something to help me transport my cupcakes, because lord knows these CAN NOT stay in my house, or I won't fit through the door by the end of this. I knew I was going to cut down recipes to 6 cakes per recipe, so there was one for myself, one for my hubby, and then enough for us to give away at work (since we both work for small companies it worked out perfectly).
So the big cupcake holders weren't going to cut it for me. And then I needed 2 separate cases for different locations. So as I searched on Amazon, I came across the perfect solution!
Look how cute these are. you can hold them upside down and the cake still won't be ruined! Perfection! So I hit Add To Cart as fast as my little fingers could.

I am also not a clean baker. My kitchen always looks like a hurricane hit when I'm done, so I knew I needed something to help me get the batter in the tins without a giant mess. In steps this little beauty.
Perfect solution! I almost want to kiss the inventor of that little one :)

So I figured I'll buy a cupcake book and be done.
Oh, no, of course something had to catch my eye.
Look at this thing.
Yes that's right. A cupcake baker. 6 full size cupcakes in 12 minutes. How am I suppose to pass that up!? It was perfect. 6 cakes. 12 minutes. No need to heat up the whole house with the oven.
So I didn't even try to pass it up, I added it to cart right.away.

So with all these on their way, I'll be starting this challenge soon enough. I am so looking forward to this! :)

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