Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

A beautiful sunny September morning. I was dressed in my best for an interview at the Boston World Trade Center. I got my good friend Lauren, got on the train, and got off at South Station. We walked to the Trade Center from there, for our interviews with the Spirit of Boston Cruise lines there were to take place at 9. We were about 10 minutes early. We took the escalators up to the floor we needed. We were waiting for the group interview to start when all of a sudden we were rushed into a board room. A TV was brought in and everyone in the office rushed in to watch. None of us could believe what we were seeing. Then the second plane hit. We didn't even have time to process it, security ran in and told us to "GET OUT NOW! WE MAY BE NEXT". Lauren and I took off. We ran into the streets, with everyone else who works in that area. I can remember not being able to see Lauren for a minute and starting to freak out. I finally spotted and her and we started to make our way to South Station. SWAT team running by. Both of us trying to call our families and our roommates. I remember making it through to Melissa and telling her to turn on the TV. I didn't make it through to my mother, the network was too busy. We got to South Station. SWAT Team members everywhere. People running around. We had no choice but to get on the train and try to get back to campus. We rode the train. Packed like sardines. With a SWAT Team member standing beside me.
Finally we made it to the Fenway stop. The had to be the longest ride of my life. Lauren and I tried to make our way towards campus. it was completely chaotic. We finally made it to Emmanuel College, and the gate was locked. We walked around the entire campus trying to find a way in. Finally at the parking attendant house they checked our IDs and let us in. We rushed to our dorm building and up to the 5th floor. there was a deafening silence in the hallway. All you could hear were TVs. People's doors were open, and all tuned in. We finally got to our rooms and everyone sat. In silence. and just watched.
Classes were canceled. we didn't know what else to do. We just sat. Finally in the afternoon we were all able to get a hold of our families. We then felt like we couldn't sit there any longer. We left for Star Market to buy candles and little American Flags. We created a little makeshift memorial on Emmanuel College Chapel steps. We didn't know what else to do. We felt helpless. Just like the rest of the United States.
Reports started to come out that one of the terrorists was at a hotel just a couple blocks from our campus. Tension was high, and we couldn't do anything about it.
Later in the week, our school, along with 4 others, gathered together in a candle lit ceremony. Starting at Emmanuel we walked around Boston in the dark, from school to school, to pick up more students, and we all walked united. candles lit. singing.
I will never forget. No one ever will.

Where were you?

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