Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Portuguese Style Steak

This week, i decided i would learn my mom and dad's secret recipe for Portuguese Style Steak. When i asked them how much of everything, they laughed at me, so play chef and add what you think you should add!

Portuguese Style Steaks

thinly cut steak (one per person)
crushed red pepper (wet kind)

1. Mix all the ingredients together, and add steaks to marinate over night. Make sure the entire steak is covered with the sauce.
****Tips: the more garlic the better! and the pepper isn't spicy but leaves great flavor. You can also use red or white wine instead of beer if you'd like.
2. put a little bit of oil or butter in a frying pan and fry the steaks till done.
3. then to the drippings, add the marinated sauce and cook for a gravy on top. to thicken gravy, use corn starch. but gravy for this steak should be running
4. now fry one end per steak, and serving with the egg on top.
5. serve with fries and white rice drenched in the gravy. Or you can do salad instead of the rice.
I'm sure this recipe will make no sense to anyone who isn't Portuguese!


Sandra said...

So we have some friends coming over Saturday in the late afternoon, and I offered to make dinner so that we could hang and chat a little longer than if they had to leave to go eat dinner. So racking my brain for what to make I decided to do a Portuguese recipe and introduce them to the deliciousness of our (your and mine, not mine and theirs) culture. The only Portuguese recipe I make is Portuguese steak with an egg and fries, but figuring that it had a name other than "Portuguese steak" I did some Googling, and I found the name (Bitoque) but I also came across a bunch of recipes for it. All of the recipes were fairly similar to each other, but none of them were similar to my mom's, which calls for crushed red pepper (wet kind... she mails it to me), so I Googled "Portuguese steak crushed red pepper" and went to images, and what is among the results but your blog! Your recipe is also different than my mom's, but it calls for the crushed red pepper, so I don't feel bad telling our friends that it's a Portuguese recipe, because I was starting to think maybe my mom was the only Portugee who made it like that.

Housewife In Training said...

Most recipes don't mention it as wet because they don't think of there being a difference I don' think!!