Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

1.  Coconut oil.  My skin has never felt better.  although I have to deal with the dogs trying to lick me to death after I put it on, it's totally worth it!!

2.  SiriusXM.  The 90s on 9 channel has been on FIRE this week.  My husband and I were jamming out all weekend to it.  The boy couldn't have been more embarrassed by us if we tried.

3.  ChefTap.  A new app I discovered for my Kindle Fire.  It can download recipes from any website and reorganize it for you in one place.  As much as I love pinterest, this keeps things organized and all in one place without having to click on a million webpages to get your recipes.  It will even pull all the recipes from your pinterest boards!  Any blog you want to use.  ANYTHING!  it's flippin' fantastic.

4.  Kindle Fire. I never thought I would find myself needing this.  My husband won one at a conference he went to 2 weeks ago, and I use it now as my recipe reader thanks to ChefTab.  No more cookbooks, magazines, or papers all over the counter.  I put this in my recipe holder and just work from it.  Totally worth it for that reason alone.

5.  Target.  I mean, who doesn't?  I could be there for hours, and I never leave empty handed.  I also can't wait for the Target Lady commercials to start for Black Friday :)

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