Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday posts are going to be reserved for random posts.  It may be about current events, about myself, about something I want to know your opinion on, or really just a rambling post!

This week's Wacky Wednesday is going to be like Story Time for adults.  In college, I vowed I would write a book called "My roommate is dead and other crazy antics from EC".  Yes you read that correctly.  I started to collect funny and odd real life stories of stuff that happened to us while at Emmanuel College.  We always seemed to find the weirdos.  But I guess living in Boston can do that.   I'm going to share the story of the "dead roommate" since it was the reason this whole idea came around.

We start this story at the beginning of Jr. year.  My roommate Melissa gets a letter from the financial aid office that her aid was denied because she was.....deceased?!  Obviously, she's not dead.  I was looking at her, unless this was "Weekend at Bernie's" (which is an awesome movie btw).  As we start to figure out what the hell was going on we find out that instead of marking Melissa's father as deceased in the Social Security books, they made her deceased.

Whats's even more strange?  His passing was now almost 3 years ago, and she had attended this school for 2 full years already, so she wasn't dead then?  She had credit cards that she applied for after this death and such and nothing EVER came up.  To change this mistake we are told we have to go to the Social Security office.  I told her I would go with her, because she needed a witness that she wasn't dead....???.....Seeing her in front of them apparently wasn't enough.  This is the type of shit you can't make up.

Boston's population basically consists of college students or the very....interesting....let's go with that word. When we arrived at the office we got exactly what we thought we would.  WEIRDOS.  Actually, we met OTHER dead people.  Yes, that's right, a whole group of dead people.  Where else but the SS office can you find a group of these people.  Instead of people complaining about the inconvenience this whole process was causing them, they were complaining they didn't even get to see their funeral, or as Melissa's stated "I didn't even get to pick out my casket, I want to make sure it was nice"  After a few hours, Melissa finally gets called to the window, and tells the lady, I'm here cause I'm dead.  The lady didn't even bat an eye.  She handed Melissa paperwork that she needed to fill out to prove she was, indeed, alive.  It went something like this "My name is Melissa and I am indeed alive.  I go to school, I have a job, I have a mother and brother, and I am not dead.  The end"  Apparently that was enough for them.

As we left the office, I witnessed the miracle of watching someone come back from the dead.  Who else can say that?!

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Alicia F said...

That is hilarious! Annoying that your roommate had to go through all that to prove that she was, indeed, still alive. But, hilarious story!