Tuesday, February 15, 2011

God damn, I love my crock pot.

So we switched up the days on our menu planning. This was suppose to be for tomorrow, but I was home sick today. The last time I made this recipe it wasn't as flavorful as I wanted, so today i put in a cup and a half of white wine and added potatoes to the mix as well.
That was like a party in my mouth!
here's a link to the recipe, Thank you to Erin from City Mouse in a Country House for the recipe!

And help me welcome my cousin to the blogosphere! She got married yesterday and is ready to blog recipes and try new ones out. Hi Mrs. Herald!!


The Real Housewife of Union County said...


I forgot you were making this! so did it come out like Dad's?

Housewife In Training said...

No, this was an American recipe, not Portuguese. Still amazing though! so tender. fell apart.